Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 2 of More Protien and Fewer Carbs.

UGH. Last night I wanted a snack. We'd had dinner already but I knew I was hungry. Water wasn't making it go away. What I REALLY wanted was an ice cream sandwich. I had shrimp with a little cocktail sauce. It got rid of the hunger. I didn't end up eating the ice cream. Yesterday for breakfast I had lowfat vanilla yogurt and granola (with almonds in it). For a snack I had a handful of green grapes. For lunch I had a baked chicken (pre packaged grilled chicken strips. When the kitchen is more put together, I'll make up a batch of my own to keep in the fridge) and cheese quesedilla on a taco size tortilla. With WIC we can get whole grain tortilla shells, so I'm going to try to figure out what ones we can get and pick some of those up. For dinner I made Arizona Pork Stew. It's cut up pork loin and fresh mushrooms cooked in a bit of EVOO. Add a jar of chunky salsa (when my garden comes in this summer, I'm going to can my own salsa) and a can of mild enchilada sauce. Serve over rice and add a little shredded cheese on top.

So I'm wondering, should I have more dairy in my diet? Like drinking a small cup of skim milk once a day or something like that? I don't often eat cereal. The only dairy I'm getting each day is whatever cheese that I eat.

My goal for next week is some form of "organized" exercise every day (starting on Monday). My plan is to go to the gym on Mon, Wed, & Fri. The other days I am planning on using the wii Active. I'm going to weigh myself on Monday and then not step on the scale again until the following Monday. I had read an article that people are more likely to lose weight if they weigh themselves every day. Do you think that is true?