Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday Food

Let me just start out by saying that doing this each night is annoying as all get out. Anyway.

11 AM Small bowl of leftover pasta bake and 2 pieces of cheesy garlic bread
3:30 PM Medium fry, double cheeseburger, 12 oz vanilla shake (or maybe it was 10? I know Mickey D's recently cut their shake size down)
8 PM Tempura battered chicken strip
9 PM 4 Tempura battered chicken strips, small handful sweet potato wedges with a little sour cream for texture/flavor

5 16.9 oz bottles of water through the day

I'm wondering if I should include the recipes for the food? The Mickey D's was because I met someone from out of town there. I want to add that I drink NO soda. I gave it up mid-January of this year when I got my tongue pierced. Shortly after that I stopped breast feeding the twins. I also started exercising regularly, I joined a gym even. On average I was going 2-3 times a week for an hour each time. I was also cutting down on my portion sizes, as well as increasing the amount of protien I ate and reducing the carbs. I gained over 10 pounds and put on a couple of inches around the waist. This seems counter intuitive to me.

We hardly eat out anymore. It's too cost prohibitive. It's cheaper for us to eat at home, it's also healthier. We don't eat canned fruits. We don't eat canned veggies. Almost all of our fruit is fresh. More and more of our veggies are fresh. If they aren't fresh, they are frozen. A lot of the meals I make are made from scratch. We are planting an extensive veggie garden this year. I plan on making my own pasta sauce, hopefully enough to get us through until next year. I am going to learn the art of canning in the late summer/early fall.

During all of these health improvements, I keep feeling more run down. My hands now are constantly red and very very dry from washing dishes. I started breaking out in hives from our dish soap, so I had to switch to a hypoallergenic one. I'm getting migraines 2-3 times a week. Before I would only get them when it was super hot (85 or higher) and a very high humidity. My joints, especially my knees, fingers, and wrists hurt. My feet and hands are slightly swollen. I have dry skin even though all I drink is water. On occasion I'll have a cup of unsweetened ice tea with a little lemon in it. I want to know why I feel like crap even though I'm doing things right?

Wednesday Edit: I didn't eat the cheeseburger from the McDonald's meal. I found it stashed in the diaper bag today and Katy ate it.