Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Food

10 AM Blueberry bagel with cream cheese and banana
1 PM 2 left over chicken strips (home made)
6 PM 2 handfuls Salt and Pepper Kettle chips with Dean's French Onion Dip for taste
7:30 PM Baked ham sandwich made with home made buttermilk bread, home made butter, and spicy mustard
10 PM Baked ham sandwich same as above
11:30 PM small handful Kettle Corn Popcorn and Banana

7 16.9 oz bottles of water through the day

The home made bread is dense, yet has air bubbles and is about the size of a hand from palm to finger tip in length and from pinky to thumb in width. The butter was put on the bread first as flavor, then the mustard, then the ham.

The serving size of the chip dip is 2 tbsp and I didn't go over that, if anything I used less than that.

The handful of popcorn was put in to a bowl and I didn't eat all of it. I kept getting the kernals stuck in my teeth and that frustrated me. I also got one caught in the back of my throat.