Thursday, March 3, 2011


Yeah, I know. Wait, I'm NOT a slacker, I'm just doing all the stuff I usually do in a day. I DO need to do this as well. And the exercise part. And eating better.

Lately A Migraine (yes, it deserves the capitalization) has been plaguing my very existence. I want it to not come back. It's Recurring. Every evening about the time Izzy gets off the bus. I take Excedrin to try to ward it off, drink a soda (because of the caffine). Unfortunately, no such luck.

Prescription meds have a 2 fold negative. Firstly, they are very expensive and I have to pay for all of my meds out of pocket. Second, they have side effects that aren't worth the relief to me. The biggest one being the sleepiness, the inability to stay awake. Quickly followed by nausea, which I've already got. UGH. Michigan recently passed a medical marijuana law. I am going to talk to my doc, when I see her in a couple of weeks, about that possibility. I know I can't keep going on like this.

Because of being in miserable pain, I have been unable to cook as I should be. Sadly, so much produce has gone to waste because I haven't used it. Ordering in pizza has become a norm. And TV dinners. Reverting back to bad bad unhealthy ways. It took me so long to get things going good, and they were getting better. Here I am stuck back at the beginning. So after this, no more. That means for Jason too. He'll grump and moan, and then I'll tell him what to make and we'll go from there. I may have to get more tolerant of him cooking eggs, but whatever needs to be done to get the crap out of the house.

I weighed myself this morning and I was 290 even. It was nice to see that while I'm not doing anything to promote my healthiness my body isn't retaliating by gaining 10 pounds. Now to get that number below that mark and KEEP it there. It's my first mini goal and I'm almost there! Eventually I'd like to see that first number be a 1. I'm thinking maybe in a year or two.

So here it goes for today.

1 slim fast can
1 bottle of water